Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

New in Tableau!
A retro way to view pictures.

(NO) PictureMaster Viewer
This is the PictureMaster attachment for your avatar. Click the viewer when your avatar is wearing it and marvel at it's life-like movements! Take a moment to show your family and friends and let them appreciate it as well.

Included with the PictureMaster is the HUD that you can drop pictures into. To Use this HUD, right click it in your inventory and select "wear".

- To advance the image frames click any where on the HUD.

- You have 14 slots for images. To add in your own images hold down your "CTRL" key when dragging your texture or snapshot into a frame. Make sure that what you are dropping in has full permissions! Click any where on the HUD screen to advance to the next frame and drop in your next image following the previous steps.

You can now give this reel away to a friend for them to enjoy or keep it for yourself, greedy!

Additional reels, as well as many other find products, can be purchased at Nylon Outfitters

Q. How do I use my PictureMaster?
A. Any way you want! Put in some snapshots from that recent party of yours and show your ex-best friend what she was missing. Make a mini 14 frame soap opera or SL comic. Record the epic adventure of your prim dog making his way home. Get creative! Come on... fine... keep pictures of your boyfriend in it, jeeze.

If you have any questions feel free to IM me, Nylon Pinkney, or Polyester Partridge. Enjoy!