Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've been updating alot of old stuff lately, so of course i did my cameras too, and made them all have crazy new HUDs. They are also totally new builds, and textures, and commericals that go along with them. I made a thread for the commericals here: commercial thread

-Video Camping is for the Camcorder, its a horror parody. Its more of a short movie then a commercial, but its definitley my favorite, its a little longer compared to the other two.

-Beatiful is for the 35mm (my favorite camera) and its about a photo project to take something beautiful.

-The Motel is for the Polorid, its about what happens when a guy, a couple of drinks, a polorid camera, and a pair of legs are put in the same room.

oh mans! my movies got featured in two blogs:
machinima commercials for virtual products
electric sheep

Monday, May 22, 2006

Just posted this in the forums. Its a little diffrent then what i usually do, a little SCANDALOUS, if i might say. The sequin effect on the top bra part took foreverz to get right, theres alot of colors mixed in. Im really digging the look of this ad, Im not sure if belly dancing goes with India but, it works for me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yeah, I re-did the bjork swan dress! It's tons better then it was before, I redid EVERYTHING and textured the swan around the neck. It kinda even looks like the real dress now, you know, sorta, little bit. It even has a seethrough undershirt with little sparkly thing on it, incase the swan's limp head isnt enough to keep you warm.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I made this dress a while ago, and now im finally selling it. The seams are really perfect compared to most of my other stuff. Yeah so this is one dress you dont want to pass up.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I didnt realize how many Art Freestyle posts we've made, I love these things:

-I couldnt make the first one, but (the former) Hamlet Linden actually wrote up a story about it in New World Notes.
-Second one EVERZ when it was "inworld"
-Another "inworld" session

In the forums:
-Bringing back Art Freestyle
-Attack of the clowns
-Love Will Keep Us Warm
-Tea Time
-Zombie Mall Rats
-Every Dog Gets their Day
-A Whale Scene

I made some freebie newbie avatars for the lindens. I hope the newbies enjoy them. First i had to sketch them out for appproval and make the avatars from that. Pretty good likeness huh? I ended up having to make everything from hair to shoes, two things which i never make. So to make the hair I used my pattened sketchy drawn black hair, since I cant build, at all, it turned out cute though. So once i find out where you can get them, I'll post the location here.

Polyester made a ton of cute new jewlery for her Yummy store in Deimos. This is my favorite ad out of all 4 of them, it looks like to me a picture of Marylin Monroe. Check it out: