Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Aviators, who doesnt love them? I made these after someone requested guy sunglasses (it takes a real man to wear my lolita heart sunglasses) but they look good on girls too. I really like the ad, it looks like a real sunglasses ad to me. Toast thinks that hair makes my guy avatar look like an arabic carrot top. TOAST CAN EAT IT.

Im really excited about the guy clothes that i made. Its the first time that I have made tee-shirts that straight guys would enjoy wearing.
I kinda crapped out on the presentation though, after doing the glasses' ad and the girl's ad. But i think the shirts are so good it makes up for it. My favorite of the group has to be the Rise & Fall teeshirt, its something I think any hipster would look good in.

This is my most recent ad for girl clothing, i think its pretty cute. It has a spring theme, with all fluffy white animals as models. I always draw something over the faces whenever i have alot of model shots close together.
The clothing itself im really proud of. I've been getting into more lacey victorian style, mainly because of my sister. Shes really into that. The Green lace and Heart Hoody are my favorite of this group, I seem to use that green color whenever i make something girly. Gotta get out of that habit.
I thought it'd be nice to have a place to have comments/feedback on the work i do for SecondLife, so thats what this blog is.