Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First and foremost, MY PRIM HAIR that everyone has been going crazy for. People were literally asking me about these everytime I put one on. Now LADIES its finally being sold, so go grab your favorite style!

Also new, is my old Nylon Jeans, re-created. I did alot of the seams over (so the actually match up now) and alot of the detailing is much better. In addition to that, I tinted it already for you, because i noticed alot of people were doing that anyway. They are sold in a pack but you can buy the classic one individually.
For the jeans, I made two belts that were specifically made to be worn over these jeans, but i think they'd work on other ones too.
SO thats it.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

More camping caravans! The girl clothing has a very distictive summery feel. My favorite is the Summer Camisol & Beads, i specifically made them to go together, so if you buy one you HAVE to get the other too! Please? Ok cool. I also like the rainbow belt with the Blue Country shirt, I've noticed a trend latley, high waist belts are coming back in style. Some are OK but lets hope belted leotards are far away from coming back. Thats all for now. Enjoyyy!

First up is my new shirts for guys. This is the first time i've made a necklace specifically for guy avatars, mainly because the shirts i make for are on the jacket layer. Thats usually where i put the necklaces. We'll see how it works out, if people like them i'll make more.
I really love the brown blaiser, its my favorite of the 4. Its classy but modern enough that you can wear it with jeans.
By the way if you cant tell what the background in this ad is, its a camping caravan. Both of the ads i made, for the girls and guys stuff, have a camping sorta theme.

I updated my store bags, its about time huh? Thanks to Iumi for helping me out with the shape & texture placement! Right now only the new stuff is in these, but over time i'll probably replace them all with it.

Speaking of new things I just came out with a bunch of stuff for both guys and girls which i'll write about soon.