Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First and foremost, MY PRIM HAIR that everyone has been going crazy for. People were literally asking me about these everytime I put one on. Now LADIES its finally being sold, so go grab your favorite style!

Also new, is my old Nylon Jeans, re-created. I did alot of the seams over (so the actually match up now) and alot of the detailing is much better. In addition to that, I tinted it already for you, because i noticed alot of people were doing that anyway. They are sold in a pack but you can buy the classic one individually.
For the jeans, I made two belts that were specifically made to be worn over these jeans, but i think they'd work on other ones too.
SO thats it.


Akela Talamasca said...

Nylon, any plans for designing and creating clothing for large wolfie types like myself? I too wish to be couture!

omgwtfbbqsauce said...

Nylon what about the guy hair you use in your ads? Can you please, please, please release that. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!

omgwtfbbqsauce said...

I am talking about the fro/messy hair like the one that was used for your polaroid camera ad!