Thursday, June 08, 2006

First up is my new shirts for guys. This is the first time i've made a necklace specifically for guy avatars, mainly because the shirts i make for are on the jacket layer. Thats usually where i put the necklaces. We'll see how it works out, if people like them i'll make more.
I really love the brown blaiser, its my favorite of the 4. Its classy but modern enough that you can wear it with jeans.
By the way if you cant tell what the background in this ad is, its a camping caravan. Both of the ads i made, for the girls and guys stuff, have a camping sorta theme.


Iris Ophelia said...

I only found Nylon Outfitters this past month, and have been voraciously consuming everything of its kind, like FD and BF, so i'm VERY happy to see this new release now. I was running out of stuff to buy, heaven forfend.

Cashmere Commons said...

hey Nylon - nice shop! I just pickt up the new brown men's blazer & I love it. Only thing is, I sooo wish the t-shirt part of it wasn't "built in" so that I could wear it with my own favorite tees! I'm not much of a dress-up sort of guy & would really enjoy being able to make the "bare concession" of the blazer as such, hehe. So that's my teensy suggestion for the menswear line.

I'll be definitely be stopping back: I love the cartoonish attitude, & unlike "Urban Outfitters" I can be relatively certain that your profits don't go to support Rick Santorum's political career.