Friday, December 31, 2010

Attention: Men of Second Life

Men of SL, i know its been awhile since i've made anything for you. Im making it up by throwing a bunch of new things at you at once.

After being totally inpired by the blog Nerd Boyfriend, i decided to go pretty basic (and nerdy) with my update.
(NO) Button-down dress shirt comes in 3 colors: blue, purple, and brown. I tried to stick with a manly pallet, purple is manly, right? These shirts come on all layers for easy styling.

(NO) Button-down plaid is the same shirt, but with a plaid pattern. its comes in 3 colors too: red, green, and black. As with the plain button down, these come on all layers too.

(NO) Math Studies Sweater 3 colors: grey, red, and yellow, comes as you see it, on one layer.

(NO) Arctic Sweater Vest 3 colors (noticing a pattern?) grey green and red. Comes as you see it, on one layer.
(NO) Heather Cardi comes in 2 colors. This cardi would proably look great on women too, but i'm lableing it just for you guys. Just for you.

More preview pictures up on my flickr
Pick it all up in Tableau or on the Marketplace

Thats it for now, my new years resolution will be to make more guy stuff in 2011. Happy New Year everyone!

Yummy Best Friends Forever

New from Yummy! Best Friends Trinket Necklace. When you buy this necklace, two are included! One (Modify & Copy) to keep one and one (Transferable) to give one to a friend!
Buy it on the Marketplace or visit Yummy in Tableau

Monday, December 06, 2010

Ooh Lala Lacey Overlay Sets!

I just finished putting up all of the inventory of Ooh Lala on the marketplace! Now you can give your friends the gift of hand drawn vintage lingerie, who wouldn't want that? If you havent checked Ooh lala inworld yet, visit that too.

The newest items added recently are the Dots n Stripes stockings and Lacey Overlay Set in 5 colors to choose from.

Pick it all up at Ooh Lala on the marketplace or Ooh lala inworld

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Wandering Mind

Sorry to blog about this so late, but i had the stomach flu, feel bad for me. Before i got sick i thought a wandering mind thing was as bad as it got. So anyway, I've made three new things with three re-colors each.

The chunky knit cardigans look great over anyway, they'll keep your virtual pixels warm through this winter.

The peter collared crocheted knit tops come on all layers and with a bra to wear underneath because its kinda sheer, but you can totally wear it without too.

The watercolor smock (blouse) is also kinda sheer so i included a bra with this one too.

More preview pictures up on my flickr

Pick it all up in Tableau or on the Secondlife Marketplace.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A pile of new fall items

The leaves are changing color, the weather is a little colder, and Nylon Outfitters updates.

Whats new? 5 new dresses that use the linden mesh
4 new cardigans that come in sets of two,
a floral skirt packed with a long sleeve shirt to wear with (and its tintable!)
and an adorable floral-striped tee
Pick it all up in Tableau!
See more (and bigger) pictures on my flickr
or buy it quick on the Martketplace

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tableau Prefabs

New Prefabs available in the Big Red Barn (right opposite Nylon Outfitters).

This gazebo has been around for awhile (you can see it in person at the park in Tableau). It comes with the lights attached and looks pretty at night.

The barn has a nice open space perfect for events or a store. It comes with the string lights, but they are separately linked so you can delete them if you like.

Visit Now!

Friday, October 08, 2010

African Carved Rose Dresses

A teeny tiny update, new dresses in Nylon Outfitters: African Carved Rose Dresses
cute little mini dresses with a funky hand drawn rose pattern. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more to come.

Pick up the dresses in Tableau!

Friday, October 01, 2010

50L Friday!

Hi Everyone! This is my first 50L Friday, so you cant be too upset that it took me half the day to put this out.

(My power actually went out last night and wasn't able to get onto my computer until now)

So anyway, here is the item! Enjoy

Pick up this 50L item in Tableau!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Did i mention i make lingerie now? Pick up these lovely corsets and more in Tableau
This is my little foray into the new 2.0 viewer layers. Its a little pixie style skullcap to wear over the skin of your choice. Also included are 4 textured bow headbands to make it a little more girlie.
Demos available in my Tableau store.
Pick it all up in Tableau!

Get the Emerald Beta here

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh so lady like, things for you, to make you feel girly. Short rompers in 3 summery colors. Floral pullover sweaters in 3 colors with sculpted sleeves for that extra ka-pow effect. Ruffle Camisols in 4 colors with and without daisy pattern, i paired the patterned and non-pattered ones together, pick your fav! Lastly, a strapless dress with a pastel harlequin pattern, and a teeshirt to wear underneath.

Pick it all up in Tableau!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

New things at Nylon Outfitters! Come check it out! These shirts are definitely too drafty to wear in cold weather, good thing spring is right around the corner.

- Cornflower Cami has 3 color options, I included all layers on the shirts, so you can wear them underneath the KA-POW jacket (or any other sort of jacket you like).

-The ka-pow jacket features a flexy prim skirt and a flower pin It also has original artwork by ME on the back

Also new is patchwork jeans which aptly named, have patches on them!

Lastly the Lacey Henley is a slightly sheer tank. Perfect for layering, I included a bra for modesty, but i wont judge you for not wearing it.

Pick it all up in Tableau!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots of new casual shirts, and out of the blue, a cute tutu.
The worn out baseball shirts are as the title says, a littleee bit seethrough, they also feature diffrent works of art by me in 3 diffrent colors.
The crochet wrap is very detailed, its again slightly transparent, and I packaged it with 3 seperate tanks to wear underneath, you can also buy those tanks by themselves.
The striped granny sweaters in 3 colors look good on guys or girls!
Lastly, Inner Ballerina was made for no reason, but its adorable and i cant stop wearing it.

If you havent come out to see the new Tableau look by now, well then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I hope you all ennjooyyyyyyy.