Saturday, March 06, 2010

New things at Nylon Outfitters! Come check it out! These shirts are definitely too drafty to wear in cold weather, good thing spring is right around the corner.

- Cornflower Cami has 3 color options, I included all layers on the shirts, so you can wear them underneath the KA-POW jacket (or any other sort of jacket you like).

-The ka-pow jacket features a flexy prim skirt and a flower pin It also has original artwork by ME on the back

Also new is patchwork jeans which aptly named, have patches on them!

Lastly the Lacey Henley is a slightly sheer tank. Perfect for layering, I included a bra for modesty, but i wont judge you for not wearing it.

Pick it all up in Tableau!

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Bayberry Lilliehook said...

Yay for layers! :D