Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Heres a quick little 5 shirt update. Im REALLY happy with how they came out. They all have a worn vintage sorta look to them.
BUT Like all my stuff though, these shirts arent PERFECT. I dont really bother with matching up seams. I mean, its not like they are TOTALLY off, but they arent perfect. So theres a disclaimer.
The reason i even mention this is because a customer recently complained to me about a seam that was a off on a shirt i made and thus it was totally unwearable. To me seams are the least important part of making a shirt. It really doesnt matter, because thats not what i look at, I'm focused on making each shirt have its own personality, like one of my drawings. But hey, if you are really anal about looking realistic and having perfectly matched up stuff, thats totally your right, but why are you shopping at my store in the first place? Everything I make is imperfect, but I enjoy imperfection in a perfect virtual world.

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Frans Charming said...

It's actually funny, because often in RL seams don't match up either.