Sunday, April 22, 2007

Has anyone figured out any bonuses of using Photoshop CS3 for secondlife yet? Arent you suppose to be able to texture 3D stuff or something solely in CS3?


Nicola Escher said...

Yes, comments from Adobe have implied that you can. So far I've just managed to import a model but not apply a texture to it. Hopefully I'll get a bit more time over the next few days to delve into it more deeply.

You can check out my original post about it here:

Cory said...

Nylon I'm super sad you didn't ask me. Ping me inworld for a walkthrough BUT JUST TO GET YOU EXCITED you can import the av mesh .obj and apply textures to the mesh in real time right in photoshop, but you can't paint directly on the model. Its great for previewing seams and crap though without bouncing to another program.