Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So whats new? Plenty of stuff for everyone to enjoy:

-(NO) Sweater Layers
can be found in the "Long Sleeves" vendor, and includes a prim flower

- (NO) Banana Jacket Set
can be found in the Dresses & Outfits vendor, includes pants & two jackets

- (NO) Blue Diamonds
includes a drawn necklace, can be found under the Dresses & Outfits vendor

-(NO) Womens Deep V
can be found under TeeShirts

-(NO) Ruffle Snaps
can be found under Sleeveless Shirts, includes bowtie belt

Also new, Leopard Underwear sold in a 4 color pack, found under Underwear & Swimwear vendor

1 comment:

marie said...

yo Nylon
Long time no see, yesterday I made a try with creating a cute geisha skin but I still have some ugly seams around the face grrr...
I had some problems with the lashes too but it's better now. I also send the folder to Fornarina qith some pics b y Mariya too, I'll let you know :)