Friday, August 10, 2007

Helloooo, i got some new things for you. Dont tell anyone else though, its just for you.
These lovely lacey hoodies are sold all together in one purchase. Theoretically you could have just one, but why would you want to?

These button knit sweaters are my most favorite ever. Like the lacey hoodies, i put them all together in one box, you can buy them under the jacket vendor (along with the hoodies). The sweater with the tee shirt underneath is sold seperately under the long sleeved shirts vendor.

I am sorry fellas that i havent made anything for the guys in awhile. But hey, lets not look at the past ok? Look at these velur sweaters! Also new is a overlay shirt and tank. People keep asking me to make seperates when i do layered shirts, so there you go. Lastly, i made some jean cut-off shorts. Ladies, they go with ANYTHING, trust me. Its all avalible in the Tableau, so go run and buy this stuff before secondlife crashes again.

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