Thursday, January 12, 2012

New at Nylon Outfitters: Sheer Pretty

A few new things from Nylon Outfitters. We can now layer to our hearts content! I just found this out! In order to do this instead of clicking "wear" click "add".

 Sheer Henleys has a sheer fabric texture with opaque florals ontop, comes with a tank to wear underneath, required layering to use together.
The Art Crew 3 color options.

The Buttercup shirts come in 3 color options as well.
Tiffany Tank is also sheer with sequin gold waves detailing. Comes with bra to wear underneath.

 These cute floral shorts come in 2 colors to pick from.

 I don't need any lip from you ok? I already got them all over my shirt.
Pick up everything at Nylon Outfitters in Tableau

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